Professional Commercial Cleaning Services

Professional commercial cleaning services are one luxury that should be a regular part of your business’ rotation. 

ANBS offers a variety of services that will keep your facility looking sharp and always presentable for current and potential clientele. 

Read on to see information about the cleaning services that we provide, and do not hesitate to chat or call us with any questions or special requests you may have.

Terminal Disinfectant Cleaning Methods

Due to the sudden outbreak of Coronavirus – COVID-19 we are prepared and have everything for terminal cleaning. Our products kill 99.9% of viruses.

 The term terminal cleaning is related to the product killing terminal disease, pathogens, and germs. This is what the CDC is recommending  for COVID19. We do have experienced crews who specifically disinfect our labs and medical properties on a normal basis using the Clorox & Ecolab Medical line

Terminal disinfectant cleaning methods include cleaning lighting and air duct surfaces in the ceiling and cleaning everything down to the floor. Fixtures (doorknobs, light switches, handles, chairs, desks, etc) get disinfected and sanitized with a special disinfectant/antibacterial solution.

This method is used in healthcare, schools, gyms, offices, and all environments that are in need to control the spread of infections.

This Service is available to all business types.

General Cleaning Services

commercial cleaning General Cleaning Services

Cleaning a commercial property or office building can seem overwhelming.

With so many tasks to stay on top of, from dusting all surfaces to cleaning the floors, you might not think you have time to keep your property clean.

Don’t worry if this is the case. After all, you should be focused on running your business.

ANBS can handle your general cleaning, tailoring our contracts and services to meet your needs.

Strip and Wax Services

Stripping and waxing a floor can give it a bright and vibrant look that makes an old property look magically new! 

That said, you need the right equipment and experience for this job. You could end up damaging your flooring if you try to handle this task on your own!

Avoid that by hiring our team of commercial cleaning pros. We’ll strip and wax your floors with efficiency, significantly refreshing the look of your building.

commercial cleaning strip and wax

Commercial Window Cleaning Services

commercial cleaning window washing

It’s not easy to reach all the windows that may need to be cleaned on a commercial building. 

For safety reasons, this is obviously the kind of task you can’t assign to any of your employees. The risk is simply too great.

That doesn’t mean it’s okay to ignore cleaning your windows! On the contrary, clean windows significantly impact your curb appeal, as well as the comfort of anyone in the building. 

Hire ANBS, and you’ll be working with experts ready to help you keep your windows clean all year long.

Power Washing Services

Different surfaces require different cleaning methods. 

That’s another major benefit of hiring ANBS. We understand how to clean different areas of a property thoroughly. 

For instance, the tools used to clean your windows might not be right for your building’s exterior or your property’s hardscapes. 

In these cases, we use strong power washing equipment to ensure all areas of your property are clean.

commercial cleaning power wash

Post-Construction Services

post construction main

A post-construction cleaning service will take care of any post-construction mess, including cleaning up dust and dirt. 

It’s hard to stay on top of things after a project is complete, not to mention that the chaos will have taken its toll on you.

Let us handle the clean-up while you focus on your next project.


Carpet Extraction Services

commercial cleaning Carpet Extraction Service

Don’t let old and dirty carpeting impact the comfort of your employees or guests! 

With help from our carpet extraction pros, you can remove deep-seated contaminants and debris, making an old carpet feel (and smell!) as good as new!

High Dusting Services

Dust can accumulate on many high surfaces in a commercial property. Don’t let it sit there! 

This dust can still circulate within the building, reducing your indoor air quality, and making the entire place look dirtier.

We help you guard against such problems with high dusting service. Once more, it’s an example of ANBS prioritizing thoroughness and attention to detail.

commercial cleaning High Dusting Service
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